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Intelligent Document Processor

Extract printed text, handwriting, and data from any document with AI.

AI-powered solution that can extract and process data from table and forms in images and PDF documents.

About SmartEye

Say goodbye to manual data extraction from scanned documents with SmartEye, our intelligent document processor (IDP).


Our cutting-edge solution automates the tedious task of document processing, allowing you to effortlessly handle millions of pages in just a matter of hours.


Extract data with minimal effort

Using machine learning technologies, we overcome the challenges of extracting data from tables, forms and readable handwritten information, and at the same time, minimize manual effort.

Capture data from different documents

Capture data from any type of document - invoices, receipts, purchase orders, in various supported formats.


Manage sensitive information with peace of mind

With a one-time configuration, our solution is able to redact sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from the uploaded documents.

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Process your documents from anywhere and in any way

Whether your documents are stored in Dropbox, Sharepoint or shared folders, we support multiple integration methods like email, FTP and API so you can process these documents you need at scale.

Security is our priority. We encrypt the documents that you sent us and an audit trail is provided to track when the documents are being processed or accessed to provide full transparency.

Security is job zero

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Use Cases

Smart search indexes

Structured data can be extracted from documents to create a smart index that can allow you to sift through millions of documents quickly.

Automated document processing workflows

Process physical forms submitted to you immediately without someone manually typing it in or reviewing it.

Maintain compliance in document archives

SmartEye is able to identify data types and form labels automatically which makes it easy to maintain compliance when it comes to sensitive data. 

Talk to your data

Smarteye interface allows you to locate documents by letting your data know what are you looking for using voice command.

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