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How We Helped QL Maxincome

Improve Their CRM App Performance

and Reduce Costs by 90%.



Slow On-Premise Server

Current Infrastructure Unable to Support Increased Workload

QL Maxincome's CRM application that manages customer loyalty programs was experiencing slow performance on their on-premises server. With a growing member pool, their infrastructure was unable to handle the increasing workload, causing delays in processing customer data.

They were also faced with additional problems: reports were unable to be generated and push notifications taking several hours to arrive.

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About QL Maxincome

QL Maxincome oversees FamilyMart in Malaysia which is the world’s 2nd largest convenience store chain, with over 17,500 stores across various markets globally. 


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Slow CRM application performance

Unable to accommodate growing member pool.


High costs from

on-premises server

On-premises SQL server

incurring high costs.


After evaluation, we have decided to migrate QL Maxincome's CRM app to Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) by replatforming the database. The application was re-factored where we decoupled the architecture into serverless function on AWS Lambda

To have a better cost optimization, the database is then modernized into Amazon DynamoDB. This not only reduces the database cost from licensing, it also ensures the database is highly available and scalable automatically.



Significant Performance Improvement

The migration to Amazon RDS and modernization to Amazon DynamoDB resulted in a significant improvement in the performance of the CRM application, enabling it to be able to handle the increased workload and process customer data faster, resulting in a better user experience for customers.


∴ Now QL Maxincome is able to support more than 1 million users with auto-scaling capabilities without complications.


90% Cost Reduction

The modernization to Amazon DynamoDB resulted in significant cost reduction for FamilyMart. They no longer need to maintain an expensive SQL server on-premise, instead they now only pay for the storage and usage costs of Amazon DynamoDB.

∴ This cost reduction allowed QL Maxincome to allocate their resources to other areas of the business, thus better increase their ability to generate revenue.


Real-Time Push Notifications

After the migration of the CRM app to AWS, QL Maxincome was no longer experiencing delays in push notifications, which were previously taking several hours to reach customers. The optimized infrastructure provided by AWS allowed for faster and more reliable communication between the application and the customer devices.


∴ The real-time push notifications has allowed customers to receive updates and alerts promptly, significantly improving customer experience.


Overall, we are proud to conclude that the migration to AWS was a success for QL Maxincome, which resulted in improved performance and reduced costs. QL Maxincome is now able to accommodate their ever-growing member pool, while also constantly improving user experience, and reduce costs.


Our team at AXRAIL worked with full excellence and commitment in ensuring that the solution is delivered as promised.

Why Work With Us?

AXRAIL is the leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that provides cloud technology services in Singapore and Malaysia. We specialize in cloud services, including migration, B2C/B2B e-commerce platforms, and document automation processing.


Our expertise in AI, analytics, and modernization enables us to provide innovative solutions that drive growth and streamline operations. Trust AXRAIL for unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence.

Here's what our clients have to say

The team at AXRAIL  has strong product knowledge and execution skills.  They were able to deliver the CRM and e-Commerce solutions as per the project requirements.


They are also working closely with us to propose the latest AWS technology and projects that can meet our business requirements.

Andy Chia

Corporate Planning Manager

AXRAIL has strong knowledge as a Cloud Consultant. The team was able to manage project well and on time.


On top of that, they have very strong ownership on developed system or managed system.

Sok Teck Pang

IT Manager

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