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Empower your online store with machine learning

A one-stop e-commerce platform where you can provide personalized experience to your customers using machine learning like global e-commerce platform. Sell your products easily, manage transactions securely, gain insights from your transactions through advanced analytics.

The e-commerce solutions provider that has it all

In the e-commerce world, there is no one single solution that fits all forms of businesses. At Axrail, we will firstly understand the requirements, then determine the best store interface, warehouse management, payment processing and security solutions for your dedicated e-commerce platform.

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Beyond e-commerce website and mobile app

Expanding your sales channel online does not mean adding an e-commerce website or a mobile app. It is about transforming how you operate today from customer service, warehouse management to physical store operations. We will help you build a customized e-commerce platform from an online store to ERP systems that fits your operational needs. Not only will we put up a digital channel for customers to purchase your goods, we will also cover end-to-end operations of your e-commerce service and provide omni channel support to address any issues or concerns anywhere in your channel. Let us build the platform that grows your business for you

Our Promise

Security is job zero for us

We apply best practices from the industry to protect your e-commerce platform from external and internal threats.

A fully integrated suite of e-commerce solutions

We will use a wide range of solutions to suit your needs; from the storefront, to the shopping cart, to warehouse management and to marketing and analytics. 

Platform engineered for growth

We at Axrail believe in the future, and our architecture will reflect our philosophy. Your e-commerce platform will be built scalable to account for your growth and expansion in the future.

Provide recommendations to customers

Based on the data of your customer’s transactions, our product recommendation algorithms can determine products that interest them to achieve a higher conversion rate.

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