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Customer Data Dashboard

Win Your Customers Back with Data!

A customer data platform with integrated CRM to help you gain business insights and build a loyal customer base!

Membership Sign Up, In-store transactions and surveys.
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Unlock Actionable Insights with Customer Data


Set up your business for success when you have your customers' data right at your fingertips.


Easily identify trends, patterns, and opportunities to make informed business decisions.

Let Customer365 handle
Your Customer Support


Allows customers to complete tasks like loyalty program registration, check membership status, and redeem vouchers quickly and easily on WhatsApp.


Offer accurate, human-like responses to customer queries and commonly asked questions.

Do you know?
A 5% increase in customer retention results in a profit increase of 25% to 95%,
with 65% of a business' purchases coming from returning customers.

Know Your Customers,
Grow Your Business.


Dashboards for

Store performance, customer overviews, sales details... There's a dashboard for everything!


No Apps, 
only WhatsApp

Your loyalty program can run entirely on WhatsApp, there's no need to download a separate app.


Customer Support

With Customer365 context-based replies, you can attend to queries without a live agent.

Do you want to know more about customer365?

Start building your loyal customer base today!

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