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All your data on one platform

Break the data silos, combine your data from everywhere to create your ultimate data foundation for business analytics and advanced machine learning.

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What is a data lake?

A data lake is a centralized repository that allows you to store all your structured and unstructured data at any scale. Having this will lead to stronger understanding of your data through analytics to help you make faster and better decisions regarding your business.


Data silo challenges

Data silos are basically groups of databases that should be connected to each other, but are not accessible to each other. A data driven enterprise can’t function to its full potential without an enterprise-wide view of data.

Data silos reduce efficiency when attempting to manipulate or analyze data manually, threatens data integrity as the data may grow out-of-sync over time, and wastes precious resources in the cases of redundant data storage or retrieval. Data silos do not scale well with business growth due to them being complicated and unoptimized, which will bring upon limitations to future growth. 

Axrail data lake accelerator 

We provide the most flexible and scalable solution to enable and enhance your data lake strategy on cloud. 

With the ready to use digital assets we have, you can stop reinventing the wheel to handle common input sources from social media to enterprise software and accelerate your data driven journey by transforming and simplifying your data, build and plan a centralized data lake tailored to your data’s needs and integrate your data efficiently to achieve the business goals that you want. This helps you to collect, clean, and structure your data in single platform using cloud technologies. 

Data lake with Axrail benefits

Enhanced queries

Run unlimited concurrent queries against your data lake without affecting performance. Get higher query performance, more accurate query results and run faster queries when you entrust your data to us.

Easy data transformation

No matter the type, size or complexity of your data, we are able to transform and process it with our modern data pipelines. We will deploy a modern architecture for data processing that does not require any maintenance on your part.

Built-in security

We will employ measures such as high-level access control, data masking, external tokenization and other features to ensure the integrity and security of your data.

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