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Conversational Commerce Chatbot

WhatsApp Commerce
Made Easy

Let your customers browse your catalogue, place orders, and make payments all on WhatsApp with our conversational commerce chatbot!

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What is Conversational Commerce?

Conversational commerce refers to the numerous ways ecommerce and retailers use messaging and conversational technology, like AI and bots, to enhance and support the shopping experience.


This allows businesses engage with customers in a natural and personalized way, streamline customer service, reduce cart abandonment rates, and create a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels and devices.

Integrate Your Product Catalogue on WhatsApp

Increase your SKU visibility when you integrate your product catalogue on WhatsApp, as customers can now browse your product catalogue, choose what they want to buy, and make their payment, all within WhatsApp!

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Conversations that Convert

Our AI-powered customer service can handle all your customers needs for you, from providing quick and concise replies to frequently asked questions, to solving product inquiries, all without requiring the assistance of a live agent.

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Keep Your Customers Engaged

Send out notifications to your customers via WhatsApp, recommending them products and services based on your customers' profile and buying trends, generating sales with a targeted approach.



reduction in sales operations and customer service costs
when you use a
conversational commerce chatbot.

Automate Your Sales Process



Manage sales orders all on WhatsApp, reducing confusion and manual sales order management from multiple channels.



Automatically resolve frequently asked questions in a timely manner without requiring a live agent to attend to them.

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Provide a seamless customer experience when they can browse, choose, and pay all without having to leave WhatsApp.



Spend less time manually handling your customers' orders and inquiries without compromising on service quality.

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Transform the way your customers shop with our conversational commerce chatbot.

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