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Turn WhatsApp
into a super-app to serve
your customers.

We empower you to engage with your customers using WhatsApp with digital services.

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Reduce Sales Operation Costs & Customer Service Costs by 30%

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Increased Sales with Better Customer Experience


Integrate your product catalogue on WhatsApp. From viewing your products to checking out, now your customers can do it all on WhatsApp!

AI-Driven 24/7 Customer Service


Our platform goes beyond e-commerce! Auto replies provide seamless query resolutions and provide timely updates, usage, buying guides, tips and more! Driving better customer engagement, satisfaction & loyalty.

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Engage with Your Customers


Send out notifications via WhatsApp, recommending products and services based on your customers’ profile and buying trends.



Deliver the best customer experience by allowing them to view your catalogue, place order, and make payments, all-in-one!
Simplified Experience
Improve business availability and provide a unified experience without compromising work productivity and efficiency.
Improved Efficiency
Auto-reply helps to resolve repetitive issues and enquiries in a timely manner. You can focus on tasks that generate more revenue.
Automated Replies
Reduce manual handling of sales orders from different channels. Handle all purchase queries on one application to reduce confusion.
Consolidated Orders
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