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Shining Brighter Than Ever: TeraVA's Enhanced E-commerce Solar Solution on AWS



Manual Proposal Generation

Current Business Process Unable to Handle Large Amount of Customers

In pursuit of its mission to make sustainable energy accessible to all, TeraVA, a prominent Malaysian solar power entity, sought a robust digital platform aligned with its vision. The solution emerged through a meticulously crafted custom e-commerce website orchestrated by our team, underpinned by the stalwart foundation of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Here's an overview of how this initiative propelled TeraVA to new heights.


About TeraVA Vasolar

TeraVA Vasolar is a Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing company which is a a subsidiary company of BM GreenTech Berhad (formerly known as Boilermech Holdings Berhad).


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Manual Proposal Generation

All proposal prior to solution is generated manually.


Unable to Handle Large Amount of Customers

Sales personnel limitation means some opportunities are missed


Phase 1: Streamlining Quote Generation with AWS Scalability


The era of protracted consultations and convoluted estimates has yielded to a seamless, user-friendly experience. Our AWS-hosted website transformed the quote generation process into an efficient endeavor. Leveraging the elasticity of AWS compute resources, customers effortlessly input their property details. The system, in turn, swiftly retrieves relevant data, calculates personalized quotes, and showcases potential savings, all within a matter of seconds. This transparency and user-centric design empower clients to make well-informed decisions about their solar investments.


Furthermore, the integration of a secure deposit system, built on AWS's payment processing services, adds a layer of convenience. Clients can now secure their solar future with a simple click, bypassing traditional waiting times and paperwork complexities.


Phase 2: Elevating Customer Engagement with AI on AWS


Recognizing the unique nature of individual customer needs, the second phase introduced the integration of AI and WhatsApp, seamlessly aligned with AWS services. This dynamic amalgamation allows customers to initiate the proposal generation process directly on WhatsApp. An LLM (Large Language Model), powered by cutting-edge AWS Anthropic technology, assumes a virtual consultancy role. It guides customers through the process, tailoring proposals to meet their specific requirements.


The AWS Anthropic-driven LLM excels in comprehending intricate language nuances, ensuring highly personalized responses. The introduction of the LLM FAQ module, facilitated by Amazon Comprehend and Translate, serves as a multilingual knowledge base. Operating around the clock, this support system addresses inquiries in any language, fortifying trust and instilling confidence in TeraVA's commitment to customer needs.



Significant Performance Improvement

The conversion rate has experienced a notable surge, customer satisfaction has reached unprecedented heights, and TeraVA has emerged as a trailblazer synonymous with innovation and accessibility in the Malaysian solar market.

∴ Now TeraVA has emerged as a trailblazer synonymous with innovation and accessibility in the Malaysian solar market.


90% Cost Reduction

The customer service tool allows the conversion of more sales with less sales personnel. 

∴ This cost reduction allowed TeraVA to allocate their resources to other areas of the business, thus better increase their ability to generate revenue.


Overall, we are proud to conclude that the solution was a success for TeraVA Vasolar, which resulted in improved performance and reduced costs. TeraVA Vasolar is now able to accommodate their ever-growing member pool, while also constantly improving user experience, and reduce costs.


Our team at AXRAIL worked with full excellence and commitment in ensuring that the solution is delivered as promised.

Why Work With Us?

AXRAIL is the leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that provides cloud technology services in Singapore and Malaysia. We specialize in cloud services, including migration, B2C/B2B e-commerce platforms, and document automation processing.


Our expertise in AI, analytics, and modernization enables us to provide innovative solutions that drive growth and streamline operations. Trust AXRAIL for unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence.

Here's what our clients have to say

The team at AXRAIL  has strong product knowledge and execution skills.  They were able to deliver the CRM and e-Commerce solutions as per the project requirements.


They are also working closely with us to propose the latest AWS technology and projects that can meet our business requirements.

Andy Chia

Corporate Planning Manager

AXRAIL has strong knowledge as a Cloud Consultant. The team was able to manage project well and on time.


On top of that, they have very strong ownership on developed system or managed system.

Sok Teck Pang

IT Manager

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