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Extracting data from scanned documents using machine learning

Unleash valuable insights from documents with tables and forms

Data is everything, but extraction of data could be a pain when it comes in volume. The extraction process is made even more challenging when documents consist of tables, forms and handwritten information.

Let us solve this problem for you using proven machine learning technologies that are powered by Amazon Textract! All you have to do is send us your scanned documents via your preferred channels and we will do the rest.

How We Do It
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How does it work?

Our software could capture tables, forms and even readable handwritten information for your scanned documents and translate them into digital content. All the extracted information can be accessed via dashboards, ERP systems and databases.

Axrail believes in the value of data, thus we never stop at the extraction of data. Using machine learning, valuable insights and information could be retrieved from these data that could help your business accelerate such as customer sentiments, topics and also detect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data.

Extraction of data with actionable insights and minimal effort

Using machine learning technologies, we overcome the challenges of extracting data from tables, forms and readable handwritten information, and at the same time, minimize manual effort.


Ability to capture data from different documents

Our software is able to capture data from any type of documents be it bills, CV or even receipts.

Manage sensitive information in your documents

With a one-time configuration, our solution is able to redact sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from the uploaded documents.


Process your documents from anywhere and in any way

Whether your documents are stored in dropbox, sharepoint or shared folders, we support multiple integration methods like email, FTP and API so you can process these documents you need at scale.

Security is job zero

Security is our priority. We encrypt the documents that you sent us and an audit trail is provided to track when the documents are being processed or accessed to provide full transparency.

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Use Cases

Use cases

Extracting data from tables and forms to your interactive dashboards

We use machine learning to extract data from physical forms into your dashboard within minutes, even if they consist of readable handwritten content. Let your people focus on making decisions based on data, not on data entry.

Automate data entry from documents to ERP and databases within minutes

We use machine learning to extract data from documents and automate data entry into ERP and database within minutes.

Talk to your data

When you need a document but your hands are too full to type, just ask for it. A simple command like “Get me the invoice from John in June.” will get us to process and scan through the documents you have from text, tables and forms to retrieve the information you need. This is made possible by an interface we developed using machine learning.

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We get machine learning to work hard for you.

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