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Extracting Data from Scanned Documents using Machine Learning

Unleash the insights from documents with tables and forms

Getting insights from data that you generated daily is everything especially for organizations that are data driven. Large amount of documents are generated daily, getting insights from these documents is challenging especially when tables and forms are present in the documents. The magnitude of the challenge is multiplied when you have handwritten documents. 


We help customers to overcome these using proven machine learning technologies that powered by Amazon Textract, and all you need is to send us the documents in the channels you preferred. We can capture data from tables and forms into digital content where you can access them via dashboards, your ERP systems and databases and furthermore this works for scanned and readable handwritten documents too. We go beyond just extracting data from documents, we could retrieve other document insights using machine learning such as customer sentiments, topics and also detect PII data. 

The freedom to extract data you want from tables and forms

Using optical character recognition (OCR) to extract data from scanned documents is not new and the challenge is always on tables and forms. It is common to use manual configuration to capture these information, which make it hard to scale. 


We use machine learning to overcome these challenges to read data from text, forms, tables and, other data without the need for minimum manual effort.


Extracting readable handwritten content is always a challenge in traditional optical character recognition (OCR) software, but it is hard to fully eliminate handwritten document. 


We use machine learning to overcome this challenge to read data from handwritten document. Just send us your documents we will do the rest. 

Overcome the handwriting limitation in documents


Manage sensitive information in your documents

Understanding what content exists and what information is contained in the documents with sensitive information such as personally identifiable information (PII) is not easy especially when you have huge amount of documents. 


We use machine learning to overcome this challenge to redact sensitive information from the uploaded document with one time configuration.

Process your

documents from anywhere and anyway.

Whether you store your documents in dropbox, sharepoint or shared folders, we support multiple integration methods like email, FTP and API so you can process these documents you need at scale.


Security is job zero

Security is job zero from us, we encrypt the documents that you sent us and audit trail is provided to know when the documents are being processed or accessed to provide full transparency. 

How We Do It
Use Cases

Use cases

Extracting data from tables and forms to your interactive dashboards

We use machine learning to extract data from paper forms into dashboard in minutes even with readable handwritten content. Let your workforce spend more time to make decision based on data not data entry.

Automate data entry from documents to ERP and databases in minutes

We use machine learning to extract data from documents and automate data entry into ERP and database in minutes. 

Talk to your data 

We develop an interface where you can to talk your documents using machine learning. For example, if you are searching invoice from your customer name John instead of searching for keyword, ask questions like “Get me the invoice from John in June”. We will process and scan through the documents you have from text, tables and forms.

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We put machine learning to work hard for you.

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