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Automatic FMCG Receipt Validation

B2B Egg Purchasing

In pursuit of its mission to make Eggs accessible to all, QL Egg aims to increase awareness of their high quality eggs and identifying while rewarding their customers with vouchers from partner sources. 


About QL Eggs

QLEggs is the leading chicken egg producer in Malaysia. We provide farm fresh, nutritious eggs to everyone daily across the country.


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Identifying Customers

To identify customers through WhatsApp by incentivizing them to signup by providing rewards. 


Purchasing Egg

Purchasing flow through WhatsApp for B2B customers to place an order and have eggs delivered to their location


1. Customer365 as the Main Ordering System:

  • Customer365 seems to be the backbone of your ordering system, likely providing a comprehensive platform for managing customer accounts, product catalog, and the overall ordering process. It could include features like order tracking, inventory management, and possibly integration with other business processes.

2. WhatsApp Chatbot as the Main Interface:

  • Utilizing WhatsApp as the primary interface for B2B customer interactions is a strategic move, considering its widespread adoption and ease of use. A chatbot enhances customer engagement by providing real-time responses, order status updates, and assistance with common queries. This channel not only streamlines communication but also aligns with the preferences of modern business users.

3. AWS Bedrock and Anthropic as the Base LLM:

  • AWS Bedrock, while not familiar as of my last update, and Anthropic, a known AI company, collectively form the foundation for natural language understanding in your system. This suggests a sophisticated approach to handling customer queries. Leveraging advanced language models is essential for providing accurate and context-aware responses, contributing to an enhanced user experience.



Significant Performance Improvement

The conversion rate has experienced a notable surge, customer satisfaction has reached unprecedented heights, and QL Eggs has emerged as a trailblazer synonymous with innovation and accessibility in the Malaysian egg market.

∴ Now QL Egg has emerged as a trailblazer synonymous with innovation and accessibility in the Malaysian solar market.


90% Cost Reduction

The customer service tool allows the conversion of more sales with less sales personnel. 

∴ This cost reduction allowed QL Egg to allocate their resources to other areas of the business, thus better increase their ability to generate revenue.


Overall, we are proud to conclude that the solution was a success for QL Egg, which resulted in improved performance and reduced costs. QL Egg is now able to accommodate their ever-growing member pool, while also constantly improving user experience, and reduce costs.


Our team at AXRAIL worked with full excellence and commitment in ensuring that the solution is delivered as promised.

Why Work With Us?

AXRAIL is the leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that provides cloud technology services in Singapore and Malaysia. We specialize in cloud services, including migration, B2C/B2B e-commerce platforms, and document automation processing.


Our expertise in AI, analytics, and modernization enables us to provide innovative solutions that drive growth and streamline operations. Trust AXRAIL for unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence.

Here's what our clients have to say

The team at AXRAIL  has strong product knowledge and execution skills.  They were able to deliver the CRM and e-Commerce solutions as per the project requirements.


They are also working closely with us to propose the latest AWS technology and projects that can meet our business requirements.

Andy Chia

Corporate Planning Manager

AXRAIL has strong knowledge as a Cloud Consultant. The team was able to manage project well and on time.


On top of that, they have very strong ownership on developed system or managed system.

Sok Teck Pang

IT Manager

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