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What’s beyond migration?

Migration to cloud is inevitable, besides cost savings you can unleash the superpower to innovate and accelerate transformation using next-generation technologies to reimagine the future, but getting started is always challenging. We design, build and launch brand new experience in weeks using our accelerators.

Cloud Migration
machine learning

One-third of the transactions for the large e-commerce website are generated from recommendation engine. Getting the recommendation into your business might be the Holy Grail as part of your digital transformation. Implementing a recommendation engine is easy, getting the recommendation engine that produce good results is much more difficult. We built recommendation solutions based on the same technology used by the largest online e-commerce. You will see tangible results in weeks rather than months.

Personalize your customer experience using machine learning
forecast business outcome

Business forecasting is not new, companies today use statistical methods to forecast product demand and resource needs with the objective to minimize waste or optimize costs. These traditional methods fails to produce accurate forecasts for dataset that has irregular trends and does not take product attributes into considerations. We built forecast model using statistical and machine learning approach to produce accurate forecast, and you can achieve the desired business outcome in weeks.

Forecast future business outcome
Our Solutions
advanced analytics

Analytics can create new opportunities and reinvent new business model. Lots of business is storing loads of data that are unused information in multiple data silos. Getting them into a single data platform that is scalable for processing is crucial to unlock business insights. We built data platform on AWS that leverages enterprise grade services that are open standard, costs effective, flexible data access and scalable.

Unleash advanced analytics on rich data to delight your customers in every experience
business application

Machine learning is becoming ubiquitous but organizations are struggling to build next-generation application using these capabilities. We leverage on AWS technologies to build smart application for your digital presence from mobile apps to web application

Build smart business application, faster and better for your digital presence

Reinvent your digital future



Turn ideas into business outcomes like a start-up



Start building your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) using cloud native way



Produce outcome


Dream teams for you

With a team of highly experienced AWS certified individuals that focus only on one cloud platform, deliver the ultimate AWS experience for you. The right mix of expertise, assets and capabilities is the secret recipes for success.

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Axrail offers a new arsenal for the catalyst in digital transformation

We only hire top developers for front-end, mobile apps, solutions architects and project managers in our team. Customers choose Axrail for reinventing their core business together with the peace of mind.

We are hiring, join us today !

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