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Data analytics
Enabling business insights for Malaysian leading digital gaming marketplace. 

Project background

A leading Malaysian digital gaming marketplace serving customers globally, which provides a comprehensive online marketplace solution for gamers to buy and sell anything gaming related. The customer works closely with Axrail data analytics team to deliver a cloud-hosted, self-service business intelligence platform enabling the internal team to be data driven. 

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Why Cloud based data analytics 

Cloud platform like AWS provides performance, scalability, reliability, availability, and multiple analytic tools to enable partners like Axrail to build data platform to customers that is better security, shorter time to market and costs linked to actual utilization.  

Partner Solution

Data lake has been created to collect data from disparate data sources which is scalable and automated to gather for the company accelerating growth. Using technologies including AWS Glue, AWS Redshift, Amazon Database migration services, S3, Athena, Python and Apache Spark, the developed platform aggregates data from various sources from relational database, customer ticketing system, Google analytics, social media. Automated data ingestion and transformation that the developed data platform transition away from repetitive and time-intensive process and produce near real time data to internal team.

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This platform allows stakeholders across the team to get business insights from multiple data sources and allowing stakeholders to drive better business decisions based on data. 

We put data to work hard for you.

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