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Automated Operation

Data Lake & Data Analysis


Axrail offers flexible and scalable solutions for businesses to enhance and streamline your data analysis processes, enabling you to better understand your customers’ needs and behaviors and provide high-quality services to them. By offering automated operation solutions, we help businesses to improve efficiency and effectiveness on your workplace through enhanced and streamlined day-to-day operations.

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Our Services and Solution

Automation (Automated Operation)

Cost reduction 

Increasing productivity

Ensuring high availability

Optimizing performance

Leverage on Axrail’s proven solutions to cultivate relevant data and insight for good decision making and automate your business’s day-to-day processes for increased productivity.

Data Lake & Data Analysis


Big data provides vast potential to businesses and allows you to predict upcoming business trends across various industries, in turn maximizing returns and allowing you to better execute strategic organizational planning or decision making.

Key features of our Data Lake solutions are:


Break down data silos

Data collection from all the sources 

Ensure that all data is clean and consistent

Deliver trusted data to make better strategic decisions. 

Customer Relationship Management

Analyse and maximise the usage of collected data through our customer relationship management solution to strengthen and foster long term customer relationships

Axrail’s CRM solution comes with an advanced product recommendations algorithm built in that is capable of identifying each customer’s interests/preferences and promoting personalized recommendations or deals for achieving a higher conversion rate.

Data collection 

Analyze data through our CRM solution

Strengthen and foster long term customer relationships

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