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Building a Robust AWS Infrastructure for Fomema IOT

The Challenge

Fomema IOT, a leading healthcare provider in Malaysia, needed to migrate their existing infrastructure to the cloud to improve efficiency, security, and scalability. They required a solution that would minimize changes to their applications and databases during the migration process while ensuring proper functionality.

About Fomema


FOMEMAIOT (FIOT) stands at the forefront of Information Communication Technology (ICT) innovation. As an esteemed Private Limited Company owned by FOMEMA Global Sdn. Bhd., we have assembled a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals in diverse IT fields. With a strong track record, our team brings cutting-edge expertise to the table.

FIOT has been solely focused on providing Consultancy and Information Technology Managed Services to the esteemed FOMEMA group of companies. Our primary goal is to enhance the medical screening ecosystem by developing high-end digital data transmission and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in collaboration with prestigious universities. By pushing the boundaries of technology, we strive to revolutionize the healthcare industry.



Security Concerns

Fomema needed to ensure that their data was secure and protected from potential cyber threats.


Limited Scalability

Fomema's existing infrastructure was not scalable, making it difficult to handle the increasing demand for their services.


Inefficient Infrastructure

Fomema's existing infrastructure was inefficient, leading to slow response times and poor user experience.


Axrail proposed a solution that involved building a robust AWS infrastructure for Fomema IOT. The solution utilized two separate accounts for staging and production resources, with EC2 instances and auto scaling for FTES PACS and FTES application viewer. An API Gateway facilitated communication, and an S3 bucket stored files. CloudWatch monitored operational data, offering visibility into resources, applications, and services.



Successful Migration

The lift-and-shift approach used during the migration process was successful, with minimal changes to applications and databases, resulting in a cost-effective migration that minimized the need for extensive re-engineering and associated costs.


Increased Efficiency

The new infrastructure was more efficient, leading to faster response times and improved user experience, while also being cost-effective due to the optimized use of resources, resulting in reduced operational costs.


Enhanced Security

The AWS infrastructure provided Fomema with enhanced security features, protecting their data from potential cyber threats, and doing so in a cost-effective manner by leveraging AWS's built-in security features and reducing the need for extensive third-party security solutions.


Improved Scalability and Reduced Costs

The new AWS infrastructure provided Fomema with the scalability they needed to handle the increasing demand for their services, while also being cost-effective due to the use of auto-scaling features, allowing resources to be added or removed based on demand, thus optimizing costs.

Results and Future Collaboration

The successful migration to AWS infrastructure has provided Fomema with a robust and scalable platform to deliver their services in a cost-effective manner. Axrail and Fomema continue to collaborate to ensure that the infrastructure is optimized for cost and performance, with a focus on continuous cost optimization and efficiency. The new infrastructure has also provided Fomema with the flexibility to explore new services and expand their offerings in a cost-effective manner, thus contributing to their long-term success.

Why Work With Us?

AXRAIL is the leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that provides cloud technology services in Singapore and Malaysia. We specialize in cloud services, including migration, B2C/B2B e-commerce platforms, and document automation processing.


Our expertise in AI, analytics, and modernization enables us to provide innovative solutions that drive growth and streamline operations. Trust AXRAIL for unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence.

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