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The new age of efficiency

Computer vision mimics human eyes to gather, analyze, and automatically recognizes objects from images. 


Start using computer vision today!

Computer vision applications

Computer vision can help to identify, classify and count objects and people. It takes over tedious work and can even provide insightful information from an abundance of image data. Coupled with machine learning, computer vision will be able to outperform human efficiency and accuracy when it comes to the tedious work.

How we help

We will help you build a fast and scalable image recognition platform to suit your needs using computer vision. By using machine learning and your past media data, we can employ feature extraction to provide your machines with tailor-made applications and higher accuracy. 

Asset 136@4x.png

Pixel data diagram. At left, an image of Lincoln; at center, the pixels labeled with numbers from 0–255, representing their brightness; and at right, these numbers by themselves.

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Use cases and benefits

Manage and analyze media content automatically and efficiently

When dealing with images and videos, metadata extraction and image classification can improve efficiency and introduce new opportunities of business

Process control in manufacturing

Improves quality assurance and operational efficiencies in manufacturing, resulting in more reliable and cost effective products

Improved computer-human interaction

Improves customer satisfaction with recommendations based on customer sentiment analysis and faster services with facial recognition during authentication

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